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Examples of telephoto and zoom street shooters

eques wrote:

Neither the OP nor me said, the OP's picture is art. It was a first try. And yes, it could be improved.

sigala1 wrote:

eques wrote:

I read this article and found, that according to Wikipedia everyone in the earlier posts here is right but you. Street photography neither presupposes B&W nor WA lenses.

I didn't say that street photography requires black & white, I said that the fact that the OP used black & white is very strong evidence that the OP was aware of a genre called "street photography" and trying to imitate it, because a lot of street photography is black and white. This is overdone a little in my opinion.

What is the problem of trying to imitate a genre of art? Who doesn't do it? Who said, there was nothing new under the sun? Lot's of photographers try to imitate Ansel Adam, why not try street photography? Is that only allowed to a small elitist circle? (I am not talking about the quality of these imitations!)

I also didn't say that wide angle lenses are the definition of street  photography. What I did say is that zoomed-in (I should have used "telephoto" but you know what I meant) photos lack artistry. This is why there is no large body of admired street photography work done primarily with telephoto lenses.

There are plenty of great street photographers who use 1) a telephoto and 2) a zoom.

For an example of the former I would suggest you check out Robin Wong's website. His prefered focal lengths for street are in the 50mm - 90mm range.

For an example of the latter I would suggest you check out the award-winning street photographer Nils Jorgensen, who shoots almost exclusively with zooms, including usually a 24-120.

I don't agree with the generalization in your statement. I can easily visualise street photography with a tele lens without it loosing the character of art. But I also see, there might be a problem to differentiate between street photography and voyeurism. But I am certain, the difference is not a matter of focus length.
Perhaps I overdid my response, because I felt your tone to be rather aggressive. Even your help didn't sound very friendly - at least how I read it.

Sorry, if I misinterpreted you. - Peter

I find the guy to be not only "rather aggressive" but also ill-informed.

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