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Re: to larsbc and sigala1

eques wrote:
What is the problem of trying to imitate a genre of art? Who doesn't do it? Who said, there was nothing new under the sun? Lot's of photographers try to imitate Ansel Adam, why not try street photography? Is that only allowed to a small elitist circle? (I am not talking about the quality of these imitations!)

Imitation results in 'other people shoot b/w photos of people walking down the sidewalk so I will too' and the results are, well, what they are here. Basically zero interest, no emotion, no connection, those people might as well be people-shaped cardboard cutouts.

I think it's much better to draw inspiration from others and try to 'check the same boxes' as what others' good work does. No, I'm not an expert, but I think I can spot someone who hasn't found their bearings yet. While I'm generally not a fan of street shooting I would encourage the OP to work on finding ways to get more interest into his photos.

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