Pentax 85mm soft focus lens

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Re: Pentax 85mm soft focus lens

I'm interested in Soft focus, I've got a cokin soft focus filter that I use, on a whim sometimes for street, I especielly like the effect combined with rain shots, as often the light can be somewhat boring here, so the soft focus accentuates a quality of light here that I find interesting...

I don't think that digital filters can do the same thing as filters or softfocus lenses as the light gets smudged or refracted at capture and it seems to me not all wavelengths are affected equally, highlights get a glow, mids and shadows get creamy and muted. I think it's a kind of contrast limiting/ compressin as well..

Some examples with the Cokin diffusion filter I inherited from a relative.. I've been eyeing an expensive B+W diffusion filter but for now this works fine. And for street I find it nice and flattering and perhaps is at tad more "friendly filre" candids when you don't show every wart and blemsih..

All from a rainy morning in Brugge Belgium on a recent visit..

My point here basically is that I don't feel these types of soft effects are so easily acheived in post, and it's fun to just experiment sometimes in the field, get something perhaps a little diffrent from just sharp perfection, and just leave it at that.. I don't think I would go out of my way to invest in a dedicated soft focus lens though as I'd like the flexibliity to try it on different focal lengths..

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