All purpose lens set for beginner?

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Re: All purpose lens set for beginner?

trax87 wrote:

First, a thank you to everyone for your helpful replies.

I'm not specifically "looking" for anything so to speak.  Of corse there are many who use a NEX as a backup or in addition to a DSLR, but I know that a number of people are now using a NEX instead of a DSLR.  Some were prior DSLR owners and others, like myself, are upgraders who didn't want the bulk of a full DSLR.  I realize that there are compromises in any system and that one of the NEX compromises is that the native lens lineup is not extensive.  Given the lenses that NEX users do have available, I guess I was wondering what is recommended as a general starter set of lenses  since some of the lenses that were suggested to me as good all around lenses aren't available for the NEX (at least not natively).

Your suggestions are very helpful.  It sounds like my current lenses plus one fast prime (probably the 35/1.8) would work well for me for some time.   I guess those who need more than what is available currently either have a DSLR for those purposes or use the Sony adapter and Alpha lenses.

To start, what you have works well. To improve upon what you have, I'd definitely give the 35/1.8 a closer look. It will enhance your ability to shoot under less than ideal light conditions, while being an excellent focal length. The downside is that it will cost $400 or so but that is a price to pay for a good fast prime lens.

The 50/1.8 is also an excellent lens, and cheaper. Better choice for portraits, but you may find it limiting indoors.

At some point this year, I expect Sony to announce 85mm lens. It remains to be seen if it will be f/2.8 or faster (hoping for latter). I do expect it to be priced $400-600 depending on the market Sony goes for (for A-mount, Sony opted to keep 35/1.8 and 50/1.8 economically priced and 85/2.8 is priced higher but it is also a FF lens unlike the other two).

If you want to do it all inexpensively, then your option is to look into legacy lenses. There are plenty of good ones. The downside to you may be, manual focus and need for adapter which adds to the size.

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