OT: What are you going to do with the new Adobe changes to software access?

Started May 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Stay with LR + CS6 and review in 1-2 years

Bad move by Adobe, alienate your customers and lose customer loyalty.

Proposed CC model is too expensive for me, $ to £ rate makes it even more expensive which is totally unjustifiable.

As an amateur running CS6 I would have most likely skipped the next version and maybe upgraded to CS8 dependent on the feature set. This allows me to decide what I need and what the cost will be, CC removes this choice and will inevitably cost more. I'm also concerned on the CC upgrade process, I typically wait a while before performing updates eg. I'm still running LR4.3. I assume I will lose control of what gets upgraded, again bad news.

CC will only work for me if it's made affordable and not just to the US market.

Gives us options, I don't always need the latest & greatest features but I do need access to the software I've paid for !

An option Adobe could consider is PS having modules that the user selects and pays for accordingly. eg. I have no interest in 3D, video, or some other non photography specific features. At least that way the user has a choice and pays accordingly.

Lets all hope Adobe will listen and reconsider.


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