Color Difference after monitor calibration

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like it or not, using a wide gamut display...

Like it or not, if you use a wide gamut display, you're going to see over saturated colors if you try to browse images in viewers (internet browsers, locally installed image editors and viewers, etc.) that are not color managed.

That's just one of the drawbacks to using a wide gamut display (as the rgb values won't be converted properly unless you're using a color managed app, resulting in over saturated looking images)

The same thing applies to images converted to sRGB with an embedded profile, even though other users with a standard gamut display may see them closer to the way they look in color managed apps on your PC, even if they do not have a calibrated display.

Again, as mentioned in my last post, I'd give a lot more info, including the exact browser/version of it you're using, as there are some issues with color management using Chrome (since your screen capture was showing how Chrome rendered an image), and you may need to add some parameters to the menu choice for it in order to get color management working with some versions of it).

IOW, from a glance at your screen capture (showing the same image side by side in Chrome and Lightroom), it appears that Chrome was not setup correctly for color management (and/or the image wasn't tagged correctly as sRGB with an embedded profile).

How does the same image look in a newer version of Firefox or Safari?   Both have better color management features compared to Chrome.   If they look OK in Firefox and Safari, the problem is likely Chrome color management settings related (versus a problem with the way the image was converted to sRGB)

But, I'd also post a link to a problem image uploaded to a site so that others can look at it and check to make sure it's been converted to sRGB OK and has a valid embedded profile.

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