Creatrive Suite is dead...the future is?

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Re: Rental vs Purchase

I will probably move from Photoshop -> Lightroom + Nik plugins. Fortunately, they keep adding features to Lr that make Photoshop less important.

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Now why would you do that?

Adobe have just demonstrated that they are quite happy to 'privatise' their product and make you subscribe.

Just now they are claiming that they won't do that to LR. 2 years ago they would probably have said the same thing about PS if asked.

They have just proved that they cannot be relied on in such matters. I think LR will inevitably follow PS into the cloud.

Of course any software maker might do that in the future but Adobe have form.

Aperture is as good as LR if not better and Nik works with it very well indeed. And Adobe do not own it. Admittedly you need a Mac to run it.

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