24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!

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Re: 24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!


Also, uh, 24/16 = 1.5, or a 50% increase in pixel count. 16/12 = 1.33, or a 33% increase in pixel count. Jumping from 16 to 24mp is not the same as the jump from 12 to 16 was. Oly/panny/sony might still do it for some of the reasons mentioned, that the APS-c guys are mostly standardizing on 24mp right now, with a few at 18 or 20.

They also might not. I doubt pixel count will stay static. If a feature can be improved and be used as a marketing slogin, bragging right, etc, even if it is questionable in nature, so long as it doesn't greatly increase the bottom line...it is going to get improved at some point.

I think we can depend on m4/3 sensors having a higher resolution, at some point, eventually. There will be some point somewhere in the distant future where even the "layperson" is going to realize increasing pixel counts hold absolutely no value. Until either that point is reached, there are other design/cost trade-offs or resolutions hit the point of producing absolutely no value in the images they produce under any circumstances, I think we'll continue to see increasing resolution figures in all sensors.

Sure, I think it'll slow down, but I think it is still going to happen. I'd be very suprised if most of the next round of FF cameras didn't at least have 30mp sensors. In a couple more generations we might see some 28/30/32mp APS-c sensor cameras. I'd bet in a couple more generations we'll see at least 20mp m4/3 cameras.

I still really don't think the next jump for m4/3 is going to be 24mp. I think it'll be a more conservative approach to focus on other aspects that the big boys are better at than m4/3, such as dynamic range and high ISO noise. Heck, we might have 16mp sensors for 4 or 5 more years for all I know (though I doubt it). My gut instinct is still a 20mp sensor. Maybe an 18mp sensor or possibly a 22mp sensor, but I doubt 24mp. That might come along another couple of camera generations after that.

Unless I miss my math though, with diffraction, isn't it "shown" roughly at an increased rate of a halving of pixel size results in about 2 stops more "diffraction". So if we went from 16MP to 32MP, if diffraction had been evident at f/11, but not terrible, it would be evident at f/5.6, but not terrible? If true, then I think m4/3 still has a long ways to go before you can really start to say we are "all resolutioned out". Of course with all of the caveats that a 32MP sensor will still have more real resolution at f/16 than a 16MP sensor would, etc, etc, ad naseum.

PS Humble opinion, but I honestly don't think digicam/phone sensors are going to stop before they hit at least 15-20mp. I don't think m4/3 is going to stop until it hits at least 30mp, aps-c probably 40odd and FF at least 50 odd mp. I do think once all of those get in to those ranges the diminishing returns are going to make camera manufacturers think twice. Though who knows, maybe they'll have to get to twice those numbers or more before they stop.

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