D600 oil design problem - latest serial # - is it fixed ?

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Re: No, it's not 'fixed' STEVE....

Steve Bingham wrote:

The problem with the D600 was a faulty production run where some of the shutter inclosures had too large a gap at the bottom right side - allowing dust and lubricant to enter into the sensor area. A manafacturing glitz. To fix this, the shutter mechanism, and more importantly, the housing, needs to be replaced. Here in the USA, stores like B&H have returned quite a few to Nikon USA for this repair.


Respectfully, sir, you have a post in this thread from last week that says the problem is fixed "completely". But the above statement says the shutters and housing must be replaced. And, as far as I know, B&H would never divulge confidential information such as you imply. You may have talked to a salesman on the phone but I'm pretty sure they do not have that information available to them.

So I am asking how you know for a fact that the housings need to be replaced when every repair by Nikon so far is just saying the shutter? Are you making an "educated" guess about that? If so, couldn't we also guess that there may be an insufficient or ineffective "seal" at that critical area on the housing?

And who at B&H gave you the very confidential information about "quite a few" returns? Just trying to clarify, that's all.


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