What other software supports Abobe plugins?

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Re: What other software supports Abobe plugins?

mikes wrote:

I am curious......

You say Corel is not a replacement for CS???? Corel may surprise you! I dumped Adobe years ago because Corel had WAY more power. Is a true 16bit editor, not like PS! Handles all the plugins (that I use) Handles PSD files, as well as AI! Handles more supported file types, works with more pages simultaneously, is way cheaper, and when you get into Technical software, where does Adobe stand here, it doesn't.

However, the questions is, is there a real alternative for the creative suite. I also need indesign and Illustrator. Corel is not a full replacement for that.

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Only when you can criticize yourself, should you criticize others. Mikes.

I know corel. I also use illustrator and Indesign. Somebody thinking coreldraw can match with illustrator, photoshop and Indesign is just deluding himself. For type and design Indesign is unmatched what coreldraw can offer, in fact it is about the same as illustrator can offer for page design. The one thing that could match is coreldraw opposed to illustrator for drawing, there is NO match for photoshop or Indesign.

Furthermore, i tested some Corel software and it turned out to be very buggy. It started allready with the installation and error messages. Compared to that, Adobe software is bug free, wich it isn't. But it is quite solid opposed to most Corel software.

So, in a fast production envirement software crashing all the time is no go. I read about the buggy software also on forums.

One thing they did right though is painter professional. Much better then anything in photoshop for realistic painting. I also own this piece of software but also needed quite a bit of upgrades to work well.

All in all, Corel is not really a match or replacement for the Adobe creative suite and they know it. hence their arrogance towards their customers.

Corel has in basic some promissing software but needs to work on it to make it solid and feature rich. As of now, it just trails behind Adobe, as all the others do and indesign has such an advantage that coreldraw will never match, s it wants to be a do it all piece of software wich ofcourse will never work.

Maybe Quark might get back into the game but the reason they failed is because they were just as arrogant to their customers as Adobe is today!

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