Is it better for me to shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW if I dont do any PP?

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What I don't understand is the reluctance to use PP software to alter an image.

I agree!!!

Why spend all that money to  buy a camera and take less that the best pictures that you can. It makes no sense to me. Everyone agrees that you should try to get the picture right when you push the button. Everyone agrees that you should use the histogram.  But the sad fact is that there is no camera that is as good as your eyes. Processing gets the photo to what you saw when you took it. And ALL DIGITAL PHOTOS ARE PROCESSED!!!!!  The only question whether the camera processes it (JPG) or you process it.

Processing techniques are not new.  Unsharp mask, gaussian blur, dodge and burn etc., are all terms that go back to film photography. All digital does is make it easier.

Ansel Adams stated " The picture is the score. The processing is the performance."

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