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Re: Pentax 85mm soft focus lens

Hi everyone. I just joined DP Review. I want to ask my fellow Penatxians a question. Back in the days of film, I bought the 85mm soft focus F2.8 lens. Ever since Pentax came out with the built in digital soft filters in their cameras, this lens has been sitting in my spare lens bag for years. It's in 100% mint condition, same for the lens hood. Question is, should I sell this lens? Or should I keep it as a nice little oddity. It's kind of rare since I hardly ever used copies of this lens turn up on the used market. But I have seen it occasionally on ebay. I even have the manual to the lens. Any thoughts on this?

Welcome Brian,

What a coincidence, I've been looking for this lens on and off for a few years. There are a few listed on eBay but they're all in Japan.

While there are some great soft filters like those from NIK software, it'd still be fun to have an optically created solution for certain portraits.

Should you ever decide to sell it send me an email


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