Color Difference after monitor calibration

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Re: Color Difference after monitor calibration

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Hi everyone;

I calibrated my monitor with x-rite i1 display. Later I export photos from lightroom as a jpeg /srgb then I upload these photos to web they are very different. Colours are very different.It's the same in photoshop. How can I solve this ???

Look into color profile management, especially for web display. Google it. There is more than you can read in a week.

+1 to what ed says

This can be a huge can of worms.  You have to tell us more about your monitor - make & model - and if you've saved the file in the AdobeRGB space or otherwise.  It can also involve what mode your monitor is in, what browser you are using to view, did you save to an ICC v2 profile or an ICC v4 profile, etc etc etc so many worms.....

I suspect you may have a wide gamut monitor but confirm that for us please.


In this next link look at the sample images on page 4.  Your example on the right looks to be a bit muted like the middle image on page 4.  Note - I don't endorse or dismiss the product promoted in this document - for me it is simply a handy reference to color management visual effects.


Some reading....


My monitor is dell u2711 and it's wide gamut. I saved profile to ICC v2. I usually use latest version of Firefox. Thank you so much for your help. I wish I will find the solution.

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