From first effort at street.

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keep shooting

You can safely ignore that drivel.

The long lenses are great for shooting strangers. They don't pay attention to you, don't try to pose, or behave unnatural. The long lens also provides a better subject separation, which is also important because you cant control the environment. Very often you see pictures with wide angle lens where there is lots of tiny details and everything in focus, so a viewer has nothing to concentrate on. People just point in the direction of the subject and push the trigger. With a long lens you need to think about framing the image because only small part of the scene fits in, and it's your choice what to show and what to discard.

Kelpie wrote:

Firstly I don't use apple products and don't claim to be  to be an artist.

I don't understand why a shorter focal length with the same field of view would make any difference.

My understanding of street photography is as an attempt to capture  events and people in the street .

If what I have done is unfair then this is I will take on board.

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