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Re: It is legal but is it ethical? Is it welcome?

G1Houston wrote:

sigala1 wrote:

G1Houston wrote:

Is this ethical?

1. It's legal.

2. Newspapers do it all the time (show identifiable pictures of people who are not public figures who never gave them model releases).

Newspapers can do it b/c they are entrusted by us to report.  It is a different matter for someone who just start taking pictures of others and post them on the internet for the whole world to see, forever.  You apparently do not mind if someone is secretly taking pictures of you, but I do, and I hope all "street-photographers to be" can keep that in mind.  Again, I do not mind if someone has taken the serious effort in learning how to be a real St-photographers.  People like that will very unlikely coming here asking for advice.

In the United States we have freedom of the press. No one is "entrusted" by anyone to be a journalist. Anyone can do it without a license.

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