Windows 8 shocker

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Re: Windows 8 shocker

Two things made Win8 sales look better after its release:

  1. Win8's release date was October 26, 2013, just in time for the 2013 Christmas sales.  People who bought new PCs for Christmas got Win8.
  2. Third party software that brought the standard desktop start menu functionality back to the desktop plus the ability to boot directly into the desktop UI.

Regarding item-1, there must have be a backlash when users started returning Win8 PCs after Christmas.  PC manufacturers probably annoyingly reported their loss of sales to MS.  If Win8 had been released in the first half of the year, it's sales would have been more dismal without the Christmas buying.

Regarding item-2, only more advanced PC users are even aware of the third party option to restore the start menu and direct boot into the normal desktop UI.  Almost all of the people I know, except for one nephew who is in to computers, didn't/wouldn't have a clue as to the item-2 option.  All they would have known is "I don't know how to operate this Win8 PC and I don't like it".

I bought Win8 at the into offer and would have shelved it if it were not for the 3rd party option to restore the start menu and boot directly into the desktop.  I would have advised a friend who bought a new PC around Christmas not to buy one with Win8.  Because of the 3rd party software, she bought a Win8 PC and I converted it to the normal desktop UI.  She hated the Win8 UI by the way.

MS was really stupid.  They had a worldwide beta test bin to see Win8's acceptance.  All they had to do was leave the desktop start menu functionality in Win8 (instead of removing what was already in the development version of Win8), and put an "obvious" one click option on the Win8 UI to run Win8 using the standard desktop.

As I've said before, if Win8's UI is really that good, users would naturally transition to it without any "forcing" on MS' part.

Shocker?  Nope, it was expected.


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