good picture in auto mode

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Re: good picture in auto mode

Asking about auto mode+ is a legitimate question. Someone must use it or it wouldn't be on pretty much every camera out there.  We have a Canon G15 and when I have tried it in Auto the results were fine. Despite listening to me my wife almost never shoots out of auto. Not everybody is into photography etc. My biggest complaint in general with shooting in auto is over exposed shots. I have always found this to be less of a problem with small Fuji cameras. Their old F series was really good at controlling this.

If I had to steer someone towards a good auto shooter I would take a look at the Fuji XF1. After that the G15 or S110 from Canon. I have seen some nice shots come out of Nikon point and shoots. The Sony RX100 is a terrific auto shooter but very pricey and maybe more camera than the op is looking for.

Good luck and let me be another to say welcome to the forum.

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