self-interest amid global Adobe catastrophe?

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Re: self-interest amid global Adobe catastrophe?

JudyN wrote:

I don't think there is a problem.  Surely (?) Adobe will continue the way they have in the past with respect to "purchased" (as opposed to rented) products.  Some time ago I bought a new notebook and was unable to deactivate PS on the old notebook.  It was live, it just wouldn't deactivatel.  It was a very quick call and they reset my number of computers.  That left me with three computers with PS on them but I had no use for it on the old notebook - which had gone on to other tasks.

I doubt if any call to Adobe will be a quick call in the near future.  Not only are people upset, various things are not working from what I read on comments to an Adobe blog I was reading this morning.  This really seems to have been done prematurely.

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Last I heard was that all support for CS products ends in August 2013. Maybe CS6 is excluded from that, but info on the website differs from what I'm seeing in articles on Dpreview.

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Profile is wrong, I've been on Dpreview since June 2006.

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