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I heard it reported that Bill Gates recently said that iPad users really don't like them because they don't have real keyboards and they all would be much happier with Surface tablets. Is this true? If so, isn't he in a parallel universe? Maybe Balmer's there, too?

Tablets lie in the middle of the spectrum that ranges from really portable phones to luggable laptops.   Phone users abhor full-sized keyboards because of their size, laptop users expect them.   Tablet users come from both camps, so I'm sure that some would like a Surface-like keyboard and some wouldn't.

I came late to the iPad party but early on I considered getting a case that included a keyboard. But for what, really? Such a keyboard will be too small to really touch-type on, and I find that for the amount of typing I do on my iPad, I do surprisingly well typing with two fingers on the touch screen keyboard. (Nowhere near the 100+ wpm I can manage on a real keyboard, but...)

Plus, it's always there, I don't have to make room for it or juggle it on my lap, there's no point unless I were to add a full-sized keyboard, and really to me that would be dumb. I didn't buy a keyboard for my iPad and if I had I doubt I'd have ended up using it.

iPad 4 is on the Fex Ex truck heading my way this PM; upgrading from '2 to get the Retina screen.

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