self-interest amid global Adobe catastrophe?

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Re: self-interest amid global Adobe catastrophe?

suddie1215 wrote:

Actually you have a bit of a problem.

Since you already have CS5 installed on two computers, it will not run when installed on a third computer unless you deactivate one of the first two installations.  And since your hard disk died you will not be able to deactivate that copy.  You will need to contact Adobe Customer Service to have them deactivate the copy on the dead hard drive before you can install CS5 on the new computer. (this assumes you want to keep two installations; of course you can deactivate the copy on the currently working computer but that would limit you to only installing on the new machine).

lovingtheview wrote:

Forgive my small personal concern amid the universal worries about where Adobe is going.  I have CS5 with its disc, as purchased, and am using it on two different computers, as authorized by Adobe. Actually, I need to load it to another computer in the next few days because of a hard drive failure.  When I purchased it, I was not told that my usage rights would/could/might ever be altered or suspended.

Question is:  If I am willing to use it as is, with no upgrades, no improvements, [with no tech support other than keeping the program going as I change computers, or if PS stops working] will I be able to use it indefinitely, both when connected or unconnected to the web?  I am fine with permanently ending my active relationship with Adobe and all of its future products, but I do not want to be denied [ever] of continuing to use what I already have purchased and given rights to use under the terms at purchase date.

I have zero interest in Lightroom, and zero interest in anything to do with the cloud, even if the cloud offers infinite other benefits.

Also got a copy of Elements 9 on my new laptop.  I presume that is mine to use forever without limitation, plus some very old [1, 2, 4 versions of Elements] which I do occasionally use.

Thanks for your insights,


No problem at all, if you call Adobe Europe they will reset the count of installations for you. I am not sure if they will do that in the USA though. I hear horrible stories about service.

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