$9.99 12 month CC discount prices for holders of valid photoshop CS licenses

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Re: Please explain

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I have photoshop CS4 and lightroom 4, which does the job. I am not a professional why would I need Photoshop CC.

I have CS6 and Lightroom 4, and I feel the very same way, it does a great job and I have no need for Cloud.

The problem is, that as of cs4, Adobe only fixed bugs in upgrades, so if you have bugs in cs6 you need to upgrade in order to get them fixed....

That's strange, every 4 months or so I get security updates/bug fixes pushed to me from Adobe through the Adobe Updater. Do you have it disabled...?

Have they fixed the remaining bugs yet? Ofcourse they didnt that is for the CC7 upgrade, they will not put themselfs out of business!

Ask JJmacks he knows about all the bugs and reports them, but they still refuse to fix some bugs.

As they did with cs4, cs5 and cs6...Business strategy, i am quite sure.

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