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malch wrote:

Doug R wrote:

So you'll be able to go strait to the desktop and have a start button, but the start button will just take you to the metro start page. Is this good enough to save Windows 8?

Windows isn't going to go away in the desktop world.

I have never considered moving to a Mac, but if the day comes that Windows 7 is not supported and MS's followups are like Windows 8, I will definitely think Mac at that point.

The real question is... can Windows gain any real traction in the mobile market.

They are gaining traction just because they've got installation on a number of phones (just to mention one device). But I know someone who bought a phone with Windows 8 on it and a few months later there was an update, and it wouldn't work on her phone!! No updates possible!

Love my iPhone and iPad and not getting rid of either.

Saddling the Windows brand with the "New Coke" associations is clearly not going to help. On the other hand, the Coca Cola company has survived as a significantly strong player in its market!

New Coke is an interesting story. Diet Coke was released to such amazing success that the Coke company reverse-engineered that artificially-sweetened product into a sugar-sweetened one ('New Coke'), which was probably the first time that was ever done. It wasn't good enough to make people forget the real Coca Cola though, thankfully.

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