Windows 8 shocker

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Re: Windows 8 shocker

malch wrote:

DonA2 wrote:

Not effecting me but it is nice to see them eating some humble pie.

What staggers me is the simple fact that this was all so predictable. And what has come to pass was actually predicted with considerable accuracy by multiple members of this forum

I didn't predict it (here) but...

I think tablets are awesome, I think PC's are fantastic, but you just can't bring the two OS's and interfaces together just because it sounds neat.

I use a mouse and keyboard. I do not want to ALSO touch a screen, and I don't want to have to change my efficient workflow to accommodate a screen that I don't want to touch. I have Windows 7, I'm an IT professional and just helped my mom in law get a new PC. I told her 'we will get you one with Windows 7 on it, you don't want Windows 8 and neither do I.' Got a nice one at the Dell outlet store online.

MS has some great stuff, I think Win 7 is excellent. I was not looking to completely re-think how I use my PC. The changes they've made to the Office user interface / menus etc. are bad enough to contend with.

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