Should I go TTL or Manual w/Lightmeter?

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Re: Does Nikon iTTL let you wirelessly control flash power levels?

CraigBennett wrote:

Yes, very similar....Nikon's CLS flash system.  No radios needed (works the same with a radio) This is my point as well.  But the die hard's refuse to acknowledge this.

I can set my remote flashes using the CLS in TTL, A, Manual, or off.  Does not get any simpler than that.  And with the low noise, high ISO provided in our newer camera's, 2 external Speedlights setup in most all receptions are sufficient.  Even on-camera hotshoe flash seems to do a good job now.


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I've only attended 2 weddings where the shooter had to resort to bringing up the rooms ambient with bounced monolight(s). Surely its style and venue dependent. The only other field use I've witnessed was in staged/formal settings.

While the DPR mantras of 'expose to the right' and 'manual' is the only acceptable camera/flash modes most of my shooting is candid which generally gives me <15sec to setup and fire off a shot leaving no time to play with power levels and other settings.

If the subject(s) don't notice me setting up the shot they surely notice once my flash(es) go off leaving me ~0-1 chance of getting another one off before the 'Kodak moment' expires or the subject gets bored.

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