Anyone else been burned by Adobe's poor service?

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Re: Anyone else been burned by Adobe's poor service?

Toermalijn wrote:

JayFromSA wrote:

Here's Thom Hogan's take on the biggest problem we, as customers have with the Adobe Cloud:

"But here's the big thing I've decided is the real problem here: when you switch from selling something as a product (boxes) to selling it as a service (cloud), you're now in the service business, and you'd damned well be at the top of your game in terms of customer support. Those customers are paying you every month and expect good 24/7 support in return. Adobe needs to turn around their customer service attitude, and fast. If I'm paying money for something every month and get the kinds of answers I've gotten from their customer service that I've received in the past, I'm going to be a little more upset than I was. This big of a change really needs to not only be clearly expressed in the ways it benefits the customer, but it has to be backed by real customer support that goes above and beyond to keep them happy and paying their monthly tithe. This is especially true outside the US, where Adobe appears to be tacking on their usual "user not in US" tax to their pricing."

I committed the cardinal sin of buying CS3 in the USA while living in Europe. They took my money and refused to give me support when I needed it. Thank goodness for the Internet and the forums that exist, I solved my problem without their 'service'.

So Adobe, float up to your cloud at your own peril. Governments have been toppled by the internet, so I hope you have a plan B when you start on your long way down. To be honest, I really enjoy working with Photoshop, so I, for one, hope that you do. I am a subscriber and a hobbyist for one discouted year, but CS6 does not, up to now, have been so much better than CS5 for me to carry it through at a higher price. Additionally, I'm quite excited to see what alternatives there will be in the near future when Adobe starts to bleed cash and others get their hands on more bucks for R&D...

To be honest, i've always had good customer service over here in Europe. BUT i hear horrible stories of fellow people in the USA about customer service.

Google, you gotr the money buy Adobe, trim it down to a reasonable slim company and continue to make great products and incorporate NIK plug-ins into photoshop and the creative suite.

This misstep of Adobe might be a right time to buy into the company.

If  you paid the Euro price, which is quite a bit more than the Dollar price, you got service, as you say. Up to now their reason for the extra cost for the software here in Europe was that they must employ Europeans who supposedly earn much more. With this Cloud story, that no longer applies. Yet, still we have to pay more than in the USA for exactly the same thing. The only conclusion I can come to for the extra cost is that they are greedy. They milk us without mercy.

Still, as Thom said, Adobe has now entered the service business. We shall see how they deliver. I, for one, got no service at all when I needed it. As I said, I bought my copy of CS3 Extended in the USA for far less than the straight CS3 here in Europe, and they refused to give me service, even though my problem involved one of the bugs they left in their software. If they go through with this, the software had better be far less buggy than before.

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