Help with focus limiter on Sigma 150mm macro

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Re: Help with focus limiter on Sigma 150mm macro

SteB wrote:

The Sigma 150mm is a great lens and I've had mine for about 5 years now. I've even used it for birds and other wildlife.

btw. It works great with the Sigma 1.4x converter. For macro I can't see any difference in image quality and the magnification is higher at 1.4:1.

The focus limiter is for AF, and as I use my lens mostly for macro I don't use it that much. I have used AF for macro with hovering insects using the 0.38-0.52m setting. The focus limiter is most useful when using the lens as a normal telephoto. I find the 0.52m-infinity setting useful here. This is because if it is on full, and the focus overshoots and goes into the macro region it can hunt a lot.

The AF on the Sigma 150mm is quite good for a macro lens, not super fast, but not too slow either. Of course it slows down with the converter. Like all macro lenses though, it does sometimes overshoot the mark and hunt. It's one of the reasons I prefer MF for macro.

Whilst I do use the Sigma 150mm handheld, I personally use it as more of a tripod lens. The tripod collar is very useful for shifting from portrait to landscape framing, without having to move the camera. This is very useful for macro.


That's an interesting point about the "0.52 to infinity" setting for non-close-up use. I hadn't bothered to try that for normal tele use. I plan to try that for my next Canada Goose / Goslings shoot (awaiting some sunny weather here).

Regarding the Sigma 1.4x TC... I did try one last summer and did not have a very good experience. Apparently I received a bad copy and sent it back without trying another sample (just wasn't in the mood to play "bad copy roulette")   It definitely slowed down the AF. My bad copy of the TC required f14 to get anything decent.

My understanding of the latest OS version is that it has faster AF, better finish (easier to keep clean) and of course the OS. I've been reluctant though to part with my known excellent copy of the non-OS version.


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