Is it better for me to shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW if I dont do any PP?

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Re: Is it better for me to shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW if I dont do any PP?

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I don't really believe in using any PP software to alter an image too much. If I do, it's to lighten/darken certain parts of an image or to enhance the color a tad if it's been brought down by haze and such. I'm wondering though if maybe I'm better off using JPEG as opposed to RAW since the camera will automatically makes adjustments to the image? Or am I still better off shooting RAW?

I agree with DSHAPK

Taking raw pictures if you need to pixel level,other it is a waste of your memory.

hard disk space,if you count lets say take 400 pictures A week like me.

You can adjust jpg just like raw make a profile in lightroom and you are done.

printing to A4 you won,t see the difference.

If you go for a one trip then shoot raw+Jpg just to be sure.

Better save then sorry.

otherwise pictures you can shoot over and over again,no need for raw.

As Jim Cassatt said, most images can benefit from some simple tweaks.

I shoot RAW+JPG.  The reason for the "+JPG" is that I get a higher res image for playback to confirm things like focus.  RAW only gives a lower res embedded JPG image, and makes it harder to tell if focus is bang on.

I eventually throw away the Out of Camera (OOC) JPGs as I find that most images can benefit greatly from a few simple tweaks.  I process the RAW images and mostly adjust the exposure as the camera hardly ever gets it bang on, and sometimes the white balance.  This means that I don't have to review histograms and try to tweak the exposure with exposure comp at time of shooting.  No one will wait for me to do this.  I also don't have to keep changing the white balance for different lighting conditions, and then forget to change it.

I find I can make great improvements on the RAW files by only spending a few seconds on each image, and then batch process to convert to JPGs.   After this I delete the OOC JPGs.

For those worried about disk space, delete the RAW files.  If you shot JPG only, you would still not have any RAW files.  By shooting RAW and making some quick simple tweaks, you now how JPGs that are significantly better than the OOC JPGs.

You now have better JPGs and no RAW files taking up disk space.

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