Calibrating IMAC & MacBook Pro screen for photography

Started May 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
Howard Moftich Veteran Member • Posts: 8,478
Re: Calibrating IMAC & MacBook Pro screen for photography

The 'eyeball' calibration is better than nothing but not by much and ESPECIALLY if you're trying to match 2 different displays.  Even w/ a hardware calibrator (someone said that the i1Display Pro is on sale today! at Amazon) different screens (and technologies) will appear different even ifyou use the same parameters.  But, you can adjust to slightly different parameters (mostly white point) to get them close but they'll never be 100% 'perfect'.  Decide which of the 2 screens is going to be your gold standard (hint:  dont let it be the laptop display which are almost always not great)

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