wacky ink level percentages on the epson 7900/9900

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Re: wacky ink level percentages on the epson 7900/9900

I still don’t see what you gain. If it is printing, then there is ink. When it stops and asks for a new cartridge, it is out of ink. If there is a low ink warning, then it is time to buy a replacement cartridge, ready to install when it does run out. So Epson’s 1% isn’t actually 1%, it just means some, but not a lot.

Unlike the thermal nozzles of other manufactures, there is no need to replace cartridges before they are empty. With thermal print heads there is the potential problem of heat causing permanent damage to the head when ink runs out, not so with the Epson piezo system.

I only have a couple of problems with the way this works. The printer will not do a pair cleaning if either one of the pair is below two percent. This means that if cartridge is low, it must be replaced for the cleaning, then the old one put back in after the cleaning cycle. The other minor annoyance is the continually flashing low ink warning – even from the initial setup I have had at least one cartridge low.

The only thing you gain by replacing a 1% cartridge, before a large print job, is insurance against a faulty new cartridge.

Turning off automatic cleaning seems to be standard practice. I do a printed nozzle check everyday.

Brian A

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