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Cheetah battery

I have 4 original turbos. Only two are currently working. QTM wants a decade and a fortune to check them out. New cells are not helping, as they know me well at batteries plus for the PS-832. They give me a nice discount. I also have a Sunpak TR2000. It is lighter and Batteries Plus has re-celled those too for about the same price as a PS-832. These both work about the same for me with Nikon flashes.

The problem is the Sunpak does not power my T2 Quantum flashes that I use occasionally. The best I can figure is the voltage is too low. In my research, the lithium Cheetah 4500mah battery is in my sights. About $220.00 and the owner is pretty nice guy. And, a US based distributor. A snap in additional cell is around $100.00.  I will slowly phase those turbos out when a new cell quits fixing them.

My Nikon batteries are lithium and they go on planes all the time. Same with cell phones. I agree with other poster that I will pay my money and take my chances. The Bolt battery at B&H can be bought for much less elsewhere. But it is Nimh and does not have voltage to fire T2s. I just wont be flying on a Boeing Dreamliner with those Cheetahs

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