Need help transferring files to new iMac

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Re: Need help transferring files to new iMac

Paul Pasco wrote:

webfrasse wrote:

Paul Pasco wrote:

Jeremy, is that all you want to transfer? The reason I ask is because you can easily transfer everything from the old computer using Setup Assistant the first time you start up the new Mac. All apps, settings and programs will transfer over If you want.

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Regards, Paul
Lili's Dad

That is the Migration Assistant that we've been mentioning throughout this thread;-)

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No, Setup Assistant is offered only on first start up of a new machine whereas Migration Assistant can be used at any time. Look it up if you don't believe me.

I'm afraid but the name used almost universally for the superset of MA and SA is MA. Thus, whenever somebody says MA, it includes both variants and context explains what exactly was meant. Though, for a clear majority, when using the term MA, the one run at the end of the installation process is meant, simply because most of the time 'MA' is run then and not later.

There are reasons where it may be preferable to use SA over MA. Using SA will prevent issues mentioned  previously by another poster  with iTunes permissions and since the OP specifically mentioned iTunes and iPhoto, I thought it may be pertinent to the issue.

Yes, running MA directly at the end of the installation is usually preferred.

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