Need help transferring files to new iMac

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Re: Need help transferring files to new iMac

Tom_N wrote:

jov95 wrote:

Do I just connect them with a standard USB cable or an Ethernet cable? Sorry for the stupid question but unless its editing photos or similar, I am fairly illiterate when it comes to computers.

There are several ways to get files between two Macs:

1. Target Disk Mode (Thunderbolt).  Very fast, but the cable is expensive.

2. Target Disk Mode (Firewire).  Fast, but the latest iMacs don't have built-in Firewire.

Apple - OS X Mountain Lion - Transfer files between two computers using target disk mode

3. Networking using Ethernet or WiFi.

4. Copying files on the source Mac to an external drive, then moving the drive to the target Mac.  The connection method(s) may include USB, Firewire, and/or Thunderbolt, and do not have to be the same for both computers, as long as the drive can serially connect to each computer.

5. Copying files on the source Mac to a USB flash drive or flash memory card, then moving it to the target Mac (variant of #4).

6. Other ways

The most important one of those is to use a backup (clone or TM) as the source of the data. Since probably almost all external drives have USB, it requires no extra cables (but one likely is limited to USB 2 speed).

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