24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!

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Re: 24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!

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This will be the next step, no doubt about it and am surprised Panasonic didn't move towards this with the GH3. With the excellent resolution now available from the primes and Pana super duo it is surprising that they didn't work harder to create a 24mp super m43 sensor with multi-aspect providing aprox 5500x4125 in the 4:3 aspect for 22.5mp, 5700x3800 in the 3:2 ratio for 21.5mp and 6000x3375 in the 16:9 ratio or 20mp.

It would be also very pleasing to see Olympus adopt a Multi-aspect sensor too to take advantage of these future increases in pixel densities that will definitely be closer than some of us want!

Maybe OMD-EM6 will be the first 22mp m43!

I think that being diffraction limited at f4 would be a bummer. The genre (landscape) that would benefit most from higher resolution also needs depth of field which means stopping down. 16MP and f5.6 to f8 is probably the best compromise. With 24MP the benefit of the extra resolution will start to be lost to diffraction before you even get to f5.6. Other genres such as portraits and people pictures don't really have that much need for more resolution. Those that don't make large prints or don't print at all don't need higher resolution at all. Well that my opinion FWIW.



Yes and no. A 24mp m4/3 sensor will still produce higher real resolution at f/8 than a 16mp m4/3 would. You'd notice the impact of diffraction more readily viewing at 100% size on your monitor, because you'd have more pixels. You would however, have more real resolution.

If a given lens on a 16mp sensor at f/8 could produce, say, 13mp of real resolution, on a 24mp sensor that same lens at f/8 might produce 14mp of real resolution. You have to look at sensor pixel count, lens resolution and f-stop to determine overall real resolution. You are not actually limited by the weakest link. However, the weakest link has the largest impact on the final real resolution produced.

That does bring in to question lens resolution too though. Yes a lot of m4/3 lenses are very, very good, but an increase of resolution of 50% in the sensor is going to show lens limitations a lot more. Sure, again you are back to the higher the pixel count, the higher the real resolution despite lens/diffration limitations. It is just diminishing returns.

With the sharpest lenses, at say, f/4 or lower, you might get close to a 50% gain in real resolution by moving up to a 24mp m4/3 sensor over a 16mp m4/3 sensor. However, with a lot of other lenses, even below f/4, you might only be looking at a 10-20% bump in real resolution. Stopped down to f/8 you might be looking at only a 10% bump at best.

However, there will almost always still be benifits to a higher pixel count sensor. I just think it is diminishing returns. There are many more important things in image quality to me than sensor resolution, especially at the 16mp level. However, I don't mind having higher pixel counts. It does benifit my photography at least a bit occasionally. I don't particularly care about "needing more storage" or "more processing" to handle the files. CPUs get steadily faster and memory/storage gets steadily cheaper. If my files require 25-50% more storage space and processing power to process them as fast in 2-3 years as they do now, I won't lose sleep over it. I'd rather the extra resolution.

If there are trade-offs in image quality from high ISO ability, noise or dynamic range, I'll take better noise, ISO and dynamic range any day of the week over higher resolution.

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