Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Inkjet printer any good?

Started Feb 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Just got mine yesterday

I couldn't pass up the phenomenal deal on this printer (I bought mine at Atlex but it is even cheaper now at B&H after mail-in rebate... $90).   I haven't done much photo printing for a number of years, but i used to use an Epson large format printer with a CIS back in the day.  Those were the days when Epson had the "orange fade" problem, so I eventually just stopped printing.

This is my first Canon photo printer, and so far I am very pleased.  First of all, this thing is a BEAST (literally and figuratively).  It is very large and very heavy, but it looks nice and seems to be designed well.  I like how the ink carts light up when they are properly installed.  I also like the overall external design and coloring of the printer.  My printer came with a free pack of Canon Luster Pro 13x19 paper, and it is very nice.

I can't emphasize enough how nice it is having a WIFI printer that I can put anywhere in the house (this is especially true since there's no way this printer was going to fit on my desk next to my PC).  It also has Airprint, so you can print from the iPhone/iPad (haven't tried this yet).  Setup was pretty quick and easy... I used the USB method where you temporarily plug the printer into the USB port to get it installed.  Once that was done, I was free to move the printer anywhere and it stays on the WIFI network.

The printer seems to print very fast (even on HIGH quality), but this is coming from somewhere who is used to long print times on the older printers).  The prints themselves look pretty fantastic, especially given that I am not using an special color management system right now.  I am mainly going to use the printer to make large prints for me and my extended family to put behind glass, so I'm not too concerned about print life.  I believe dye inks have come a long way, though obviously leaving them out in open air or sunlight for extended times is going to cause fading.

I even ordered a 2nd printer from B&H (for the $90 after mail-in rebate) because you can't even get another set of ink cart replacements for that much!   A new set of inks for all carts runs about $120, so now I'll have another set of carts, another pack of 13x19 paper, and another printer!  LOL.  Not sure what I'm going to do with the printer...  kinda hard to sell it without ink, so might just keep it as a backup.



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