Primes vs Zooms

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Re: Don't listen to these wishy-washy miscreants...

Yup, I guess that's why I sold my 105/2 AFD DC after finding, on a D800E, that my zoom, the 70-200/2.8G VR-II, was sharper at all distances. Shrug....  (or the 14-24 zoom being clearly better than the Nikon, er, Tamron, er, Nikon 14/2.8 prime...)

It depends on the lens. Modern primes generally beat modern zooms, but at times modern zooms beat vintage primes designed in an earlier era...


Of course i agree but take a lens like the 85 mm 1.4d. I prefer it to the g. Render wise it is much more classic in it's feel. Subjective of course, but too many on here fail to realise that sharpness is not the only thing to consider. Take the 135mm f2, has fair bit of ca and spectrochromatism however i again love its render, close to medium diatance skin looks amazing and ca actually can be an effect! I have a portrait shot with drops of water being lit by sunlight with this lens and ca evident glowing in the drops. I can remove it on lightroom but i processes it choosing to leave it in. People viewing it even asked how i got the coop purple glow!
One big thing for me is bokeh is generally not up to par on most zoome compared to top primes as you would ezpect. I do however have no issue selecting a zoom for certain purposes though!
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