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Re: Adobe RAW conversion and export to file and import to PS6

Mikhail Bogdanov wrote:

Hello Gang!

Please forgive me my ignorance, but I would like to ask a simple question. I'm reading this thread at FX forum  -  and can't understand a very simple thing. I just got CS6 few months ago (full $#U^^^@@@!!  price!! ouch!!! all other imaginable obscene words would be appropriate here),  and not willing to rent a piece of software. So far ACR plug-in does support my obsolete D300, but what happens if I decide to upgrade the cam? Any ideas whether it would be possible to get a plug-in for a new cam (let's say it would be D400) for a stand-alone version of CS6, or I'll be hooked on this "cloud BS"?


One alternative to keep your PS6 working as it needs for new cameras in future, is to get a third party RAW converter or Nikon RAW converter, use those for RAW files, then export as a TIF and import to PS6 as a TIF and bingo you are good.

Advantages of Nikon Raw -

-Nikon will have to sell / give a RAW converter with their cameras and update for new cameras. Simple, they cant sell a hunk of metal and electronics and the consumer cant process photos. So, point one for using Nikon RAW conversion.

- Profiles already automatically in photos by their own RAW converter, so things remain 'true' when you import. Then you export the 'already corrected' file as a TIF for use by PS6. Saves profiling hassle. Score two for Nikon software.

Advantages of free software like RAW Therapee (version 4 just came out):

- its free!!!!!

- seem to have plenty of adjustment tools and good output (RAW Therapee 4 is impressive)

Take your choice, but your PS6 module is safe for now. Some mention that an operating system upgrade on a computer may make it not work in some years...maybe, but I cant comment on that.

Take Care.

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