Primes vs Zooms

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Re: Primes vs Zooms

Chad, thank you. As usual, I like the way you think, and I understand and agree with what you said. I don't think it really conflicts with what I also said. It did answer my questions though.

For me, I know it's not unlimited means. I also don't think it's pride of ownership. For me, it really is almost purely pragmatic. I try to own what works the best most of the time be it expensive, cheap, popular or not. I don't think I'd at all want to be in some prime camp or zoom camp. I really look at all this as tools of the trade. While I'm not at all the best photographer in the world, I would feel somewhat insulted if someone considered whether I used a zoom or prime to create my image. I don't really want the gear considered except from a purely academic view. If it weren't for the academic part, I'd probably strip EXIF.

I do have and keep old glass for nostalgia reasons, but the nostalgia was more because that glass worked well and for what I created with it than pride of ownership, if that makes sense.

I admit having a huge need for good optics as well as a good solid build. I like my gear to feel good in my hands all day. I like to know that it's sharp and has other good optical characteristics, but after I buy it and after I spend time with it, most of that goes away and it just fits in for what it does. A newer, sharper lens won't cause me to replace the other. In fact swapping is a pain in the tush to me in that I have to go through all that time getting used to it and fitting it in the kit.

Anyway, I suppose my view is completely different from most. I often march to some other drummer.

Take care, Chad.

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Cheers, Craig
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