Epson sliding back to orange-fading, short-longevity dye inks =O

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Re: Epson sliding back to orange-fading, short-longevity dye inks =O

David Chien wrote:  Right. is my favorite - superb B&W conversion kits, and they've been around since the very start decade+ ago.

Unfortunately not my experience.  Sad to say my Epson 1160 fitted with their Quadtone CIS lasted less than a year (had been working fine up to then) but their pigment inks just totally clogged and I could not even rod through the tubes with stout garden wire.  Had to get a new printer after days trying to sort the problems out.  I also did find the inks did not produce the range of tonal variations (like say Selenium toning, Sepia and so forth) but rather reddish shadows, purplish midtones and bluish lighter tones.  Ended only using the black ink - gave good results until it all totally clogged.

My other Epson at the time - a 1200 - was also fitted with their CIS for colour but same result.  Before then from the start, original CIS flooded ink everywhere - they changed it (and as I am in Spain and the shipping times from USA were not exactly speedy) but the replacement CIS (and they were expensive compared to others!) soon clogged and I just gave up.  Two printers up the creek (and a lot of dosh expended on their inks as I got extra sets when I ordered the CIS units for both) then useless expensive CIS units and then cost of replacement printers.  Just pleased that you have been OK with yours as I would not wish that sort of experience on my worst enemies.

By comparison, have had no clogging with the pigment inks in my Epson 1400 - has been working superbly for several years now.

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