Miami Cruise ship with Nikon A

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Re: Miami Cruise ship with Nikon A

Ybor wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

Ybor wrote:

please don't take this as anything other than well intended; you really should do some light reading on composition. consistently I see your images and nearly all are unappealing/uninteresting due to how you choose to see and frame things. and I add, you could benefit from a portfolio review by Ming Thein.

Hi Ted

And you have a Teddy bear with a phone in a bathtub as your avatar.  Oh yeah you are showing no gallery at all.  Show us your work!!

Okay, your response tells me you didn't like my take on what you call your "work". Let's keep this simple and I am not going to get overinvested in a debate about the pictures you take. Do as I suggested and send them off to Ming Thein. Now, I do know that you both read his site and comment on his stories. From this you should be able to navigate his site to the section that offers the portfolio assessment. I implore you to submit your work to him, in other words, put your money where you mouth is, and allow him to render a critique on them. I don't need you to share the feedback because this isn't about exploiting you for entertainment. It would be good to see you have some skills to apply to the endless stream of cameras you buy.

I am unable to fulfill your request to see my images because, you really don't have the skill level to offer any criticism of merit to me or anyone else at this point.

Good luck to you and you should take a look at a beginner's forum for some skill building.

I do not care about my skill level.  I am a camera collector, not a photographer.

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