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Michael Everett wrote:

I have been a big fan of Canon FD lenses -- I have a 35 and 50 -- but I understand that the Canon 28's are among the weakest of the bunch.  The FD 24's are supposed to be excellent, and I can speak with experience about the FD 35's. I have a Zeiss Distagon 28/2.8 and it's exceptionally fine, but a bit more expensive.

Regarding the Sigma, the issue there is not its IQ but whether you want to experiment with legacy lenses.  MF lenses with aperture rings are a completely different experience from AF-focus by wire newer lenses.


I can speak to the quality of the FD SSC 24/2.8

It's great! It's sharp wide open, has good color, resists flare and coma, It's close to my Leica Elmarit M 28/2.8,

I don't have any issues with my OM 24/2.8, other than its not multicoated and I like using my OM 21/3.5 whi.ch is multicoated more.

And I do enjoy using my Rokkor 28/2.5 though it has sat at home for too long since I'm testing other lenses for the last while.

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