Curious, who is staying put with their X10?

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Re: Curious, who is staying put with their X10?

I'm holding on to my X10;  hell, after a year I'm just now starting to get the hang of it !

I'm not part of the 'money burning ahole in my pocket / gotta have the newest thing ASAP' crowd.  I prefer to let things shake out a bit, and for the new prices to start to slide a bit, if not buying a like-new used piece:  I got my X10 (with three Fuji batteries and the Fuji lenshood/adapter and the Fuji case) for $500, with all the boxes, packing, etc., and the reciept where the seller had never yet registered it with Fuji for the warranty.  He'd had it about a month, and as a working pro with a trunk full of FX Nikon and pro Nikon glass, he (fortunately for me!) thought the X10 had a 'small sensor look' (imagine that, coming from a D4 and a 70-200 2.8 . . . . . ), so I JUMPED on it.  Then it got returned for the 'orbs' and I got a new one !  I bought the EF20 from CL, the EF42 as an open-box from B+H.  And I got the X-S1 on sale at B+H for $599, so as you can see, I HATE to pay full retail.

I'll get an X20 when the time is right, or the right deal comes along.  Till then, it's not keeping me up nights.  Plus I really think it will be a different camera, going from EXR to X-Trans, so that, too, is tempering how fast I want to jump into a different camera, similar though it may be.  The OVF overlay would be nice, and I do like they added a soft filter to the Art Filters.  Pus all my accessories already fit.

And I will keep the X10 after I get the 20.  Really like the little guy !

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