High contrast scenes with the DPxM

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Experts, how do you guys expose for high contrast scenes with the DP Merrill?

I just received mine last week and I am already blown away by the pixel-level sharpness. The images at 100% look as if they had been down-sampled.

However, I am still having trouble with the exposure. I practice ETTR to reduce shadow noise but I keep blowing highlights. It seems the live histogram is not useful at all.

Is there a secret trick to make the histogram more reliable? It does not change even if I apply negative exposure compensation. On the other hand, sometimes I can safely recover the highlights with the histogram crowding to the right, but sometimes the image is hopelessly unrecoverable even if the live histogram looks perfect.

I am already setting contrast/saturation/sharpness to -1 in the camera.

Should I just always bracket my shots with +/- 0.7 EV?

That you are shooting jpegs. Is this true?

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I only shoot RAW with the DP2M.

How in the world are we ever supposed to actually help you if we don't see an visual examples of what you are talking about.  Like to see an example of what you are talking about.

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Gary Dean Mercer Clark

I don't know what to show. Some pics have clipped highlights because of overexposure. This is expected.

I just want to see if there are some tricks to make the live histogram more accurate. Sometimes in daylight it does not seem to move left as I apply negative EV.

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