Help with focus limiter on Sigma 150mm macro

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Focus limiter on Sigma 150 and related.

Glad to see you got the Sigma 150 GreenMountainGirl. I remember when you inquired about a macro lens on the Nikon SLR Lens Talk forum. It's such a versatile lens. I have the non-OS version too. In addition to close-ups of butterflies, bees and florals, I use it for waterfowl in flight, goslings, Canada Goose "portraits" and just about anything within the 150mm range. It’s my "go to" lens and it’s hard for me to want to shoot with anything else.

Focus limiter… As someone else mentioned, it’s designed for AF. I don’t know if I’ve ever used it on the Sigma (on my D300). If you are doing a lot of close-up work and keeping the lens about the same distance from your subjects, it may be helpful. However, sometimes it’s just faster to "pre-focus" manually to get it in the "ball park" and then use the AF. This method works well for me with those fast-moving nectaring insects like bees and certain small butterflies.

I would suggest that if you are in situations where you may need to "quickly" go from shooting close-ups (bees and florals) to shooting something further away (swallowtails, monarchs, hummingbirds) then it would be good just to leave the limiter set to the "max range". Otherwise, you may miss a rare opportunity by forgetting that the limiter switch is set. This is one of the reasons that I like to shoot with 2 bodies during the butterfly season. I try to handle as much as I can with the Sigma 150 and then use the 2nd "rig" for things farther away.

Good shooting with your Sigma 150.


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