Adobe subscription/upgrade question?

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Re: Adobe subscription/upgrade question?

I was a marketing director for a software company for 15 years. Software has routinely been sold with a perpetual license. This works for both the seller and buyer of software, until markets mature become saturated with product and the software becomes bloated with features. Then there are less new customers, and previous customers lack real incentives to upgrade. 
These conditions are happening with most software, coincidentally at about the same time. Software producers are attempting to change their selling paradigm. They no longer want to be in the business of selling perpetual licenses. They want instead to rent you your software, and control your access to it through "the cloud." So you will be inundated with pitches on how this new way of getting your software is good for you. 
It is not good for you. There is nothing about it that is good for you. It is only good for them. It turns them into a utility like the cable company. Don't go willingly. If they find that they can not pull it off and have to retreat back to selling perpetual licenses. You will win. You loose when you rent. You will pay for the same software over, and over again.



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