Windows 8 shocker

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Re: Windows 8 shocker

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I heard it reported that Bill Gates recently said that iPad users really don't like them because they don't have real keyboards and they all would be much happier with Surface tablets. Is this true? If so, isn't he in a parallel universe? Maybe Balmer's there, too?

Tablets lie in the middle of the spectrum that ranges from really portable phones to luggable laptops.   Phone users abhor full-sized keyboards because of their size, laptop users expect them.   Tablet users come from both camps, so I'm sure that some would like a Surface-like keyboard and some wouldn't.

But that's just a hardware issue.   The real battle, IMHO, is being fought on the app front.   The presence or absence of a keyboard is irrelevant if you can't get the app you need on the Surface.   The Surface is a non-starter for me because GoPro doesn't make a Windows 8 app - that's why I bought an Android smart phone instead of a Windows 8 one (ignoring for a moment the vast difference in the available hardware choices for Android vs. all the other platforms).

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