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CFynn wrote:

Moto1d wrote:

I just bought the D7100 body which will be my last and only DX camera assuming I sell the D7000 soon.I will give it some time to prove itself   on paper(print tests) before going to a D800.  I was going to getbthe D600 but I just couldnt do it as I dont trust that our local shops have sold the first batches with oil issues, thats the last thing I want to be worried about. Instead I will aim at getting the D800 body if I go FX.

Next question is I want a good wide angle lens for the DX that can potentially go onto the FX when the time comes. My current lenses include (no laughing hey

- Tokina 11-16

-Samyang 14 2.8

-samyang 8mm 3.5 fisheye

- sigma 18-250mm.

-sigma 70-200 dg os hsm

Is it too difficult to find a wide angle that can cover FX and DX ?

Since you already have an 11-16 that will cover you as long as you use DX - and you already have a 14mm lens that will be be much wider on FX than it is on DX - why not the 16-35mm f/4?  That would be 24-50mm equiv when used on DX , a very useful range, and you've already got everything wider than that covered for DX.

With all the hype the 16-35 is the one lens  which I have been considering. Original i iwanted the 14-24 but i use filters  so I think  thats the one to get.

I will be posting some comparison shots in the coming week of the Tokina, vs samyang 14mm on the d7100. will be interesting to see what transpires in terms of sharpness.mand CAs.

Appreciate everyones feedback and it wasnt wasted as a D800 is in my sights


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