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'Emotional' my $%^&

>>>>a reluctance mainly at an emotional level.

Sounds like somebody who doesn't use their computer for real work.

At one time today I had RDP sessions open on Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, my own company laptop running Win8, two sessions of Citrix on 2008, and running Linux Ubuntu in VirtualBox trying to set up Freenix. I was a busy trying to support several remote sites for different clients.

Win8 is still totally annoying on all levels. If you're 12years old and 99% of your day is in Facebook and looking for Justin Bieber updates then Win8 / Metro is your thing. Otherwise any trip back to my laptop involved constant Win-R and other keyboard shortcuts just to do what took a few short clicks in the older GUIs. Win8 also loves to find an excuse to shove you in the Metro Desktop locking you out of what you are doing just to try and get you sign up for more MS junk. Meanwhile the SQL server I'm setting up on 2008 is twiddling it's thumbs waiting for me to figure out the alt-swizzle-stick combo to get out of the Win8 GUI inspired by Douglas Adams.

I don't even bother with trying to navigate Win8's control menus anymore. I just have run commands like ncpa.cpl in the run history because it's faster that way. My start button has become Win-R...that is until Win8 pulls a glitch and it starts opening recycle bin or something with that shortcut. Win8 starts faster from hibernation....that's it's only benefit over Win7...which makes it more efficient for when I have to plug my laptop into a data center at a remote site and be up and going quickly.

We were comparing the latest Outlook client that's got the Metro makeover -vs- an older version running on a Citrix farm, and the only thing that Metro really does is spread things out with lots of white space. That's it....

So buddy, when you say 'Emotional' my response points to the all the annoying empty space surrounding Metro GUI items and that's basically where the brains of Metro advocates lie - a bunch of empty white space.

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