High contrast scenes with the DPxM

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Re: why ETTR?

steven_k wrote:

the way I understand it is base ISO is 200 on all the Merril cameras and if you shoot  them at ISO 100 you are basically ETTR, adding 1 EV in exposure.

some scenes can handle this no problem, yet hi contrast scenes can be difficult at ISO 100. I think you would have to test with a 1 degree spot meter and see how much exposure a Merril can take.

to bad RawDigger does not support Foven files as far as I know.

I think you are right. However, to ETTR is to be greedy.

The more exposure you have, the cleaner the shadows will be. If the contrast is too high, I will even apply negative exposure compensation. But the goal is still to have my highlights as close to the right edge as possible.

Yes, too bad RawDigger does not support X3F. Looks like I will bracket for now.

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