Windows 8 shocker

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Re: Windows 8 shocker

Sean Nelson wrote:

Doug R wrote:

So you'll be able to go strait to the desktop and have a start button, but the start button will just take you to the metro start page. Is this good enough to save Windows 8?

It'll save Windows 8 on the desktop, or at least stop it from hemorrhaging more sales than it has, because if they fix it correctly then it will restore the familiar look and feel to those people shopping for a desktop PC at retail outlets and prevent desktop users who can't figure it out from returning it.  Yes, those users may be "dumb" but they comprise a large enough portion of the market to have a pretty big impact on it.

But I doubt it will save Windows 8 on mobile devices.   That's not because of the metro interface (which is just fine for a touch screen), but because of the chicken-and-egg problem with Windows 8 mobile apps.   The apps just aren't there, and I'm not talking about the quantity but rather the quality of them.   For example, none of the WiFi-controlled cameras I've seen have Windows 8 apps available - they're all Android / iOS apps.   There's no Facebook app available.   Those kinds of things will lock people out of the Windows 8 market.

The problem is that the app developers are already having to support two completely different mobile platforms, and there's no way they'll expend their precious resources creating apps for such a tiny part of the market.   Without a market, no apps.   Without apps, no market.

Microsoft is going to be around for a long time in the desktop market, but I think they're pretty much doomed as a significant mobile player unless something comes along real soon to upset the apple cart (pun not originally intended).


I heard it reported that Bill Gates recently said that iPad users really don't like them because they don't have real keyboards and they all would be much happier with Surface tablets. Is this true? If so, isn't he in a parallel universe? Maybe Balmer's there, too?


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