The Time to Fight Adobe?? Really?

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Teila Day
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Re: Not what I like, but good business sense

Daisy AU wrote:


I couldn't agree with you more as far as what I'd like to see happen.  I don't like cloud stuff.  I like saving data to drives that I own, and I like using software that I physically own, so when the computer goes down at 3am on a Friday night, and I'm in some little mountain ski town in Vermont without internet connection, I don't have an issue.

But... I think Adobe and other companies are engaging in a very effective method to funnel more money into their offers and that is what I can't argue with.  Do I like the fact that I can't buy CSx and use it for 6 years without updating if I choose?  Of course not.  But (and I've been saying this all along) I don't think physical software necessarily makes the best business sense.

I used CS2 until I migrated from the old macs to the Intel variety.  Adobe doesn't make money off people like me, but they will make more money off people like me under their CC scheme.

Again, I don't like what Adobe is doing, but I understand it and think it's a great corporate move.  We'll have to see how it all pans out.

Adobe seems to be pulling the old drug dealer, casino, hooker trick (pun), get you hooked on the good stuff and make the real money on you coming back again, and again, and...

I'm just hoping by the time I need something more, another product will be on the market.  Whatever that product, it will have some really big shoes to fill, and I'm not so sure we'll see anything soon that matches PS.

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Teila K. Day

Someone posted yesterday in another thread, a real World example of the cost for a company of 11 staff using CSx.  It was currently $4,000 per year.  With the new model of CC, it will cost this company $9,000 per year (which they had verified by an Adoble sales staff).  Do you think many small business will think that Adobe's new model is good?  I can perfectly live without Adobe products, but can these small business?

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Daisy AU - Brisbane

If what you say is true, then Adobe already stands to make an increased profit, which I'm sure, is one of the major points of doing the whole CC thing in the first place.

I can relate easily to many small businesses using Adobe suites.  Remember that Adobe isn't in business to cater to every Tom, Dick and Harriet.  Those that I know who use Adobe products aren't miffed by the CC event.  They will reap the benefits of access to two suites for $50 monthly, which is easier for many to afford as opposed to forking a bunch of cash out all at once... which has many professionals stealing software to begin with.   Having to pay $675 up front for PS is harder to swallow than paying $10 monthly for many professionals.

There's no way I would pay $4k per annum for Adobe software unless the income reward was commensurate to what I was paying out.  In the case you mentioned, it doesn't seem at first blush as if the company in question absolutely benefits from the latest and greatest Adobe offering.

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